“My son has been having sessions with Dan for a couple of months now. He looks forward to the sessions with excitement and engages animatedly throughout. Dan has a responsive, compassionate, fun style that works well for E, who struggles with anxiety in particular around demands.

This style of engagement is perfect for enhancing confidence and because the sessions are collaborative my son can take a lead and feel more in control, allowing a strong relationship to form.

Dan is clearly a lovely person who gets and responds to the individual needs of the children he works with. What a fabulous idea to connect with and help children in a way in which they feel passionate!”  


“I wholeheartedly recommend MindJam and Dan and can’t rate the service highly enough! My son is an anxious worrier and very reluctant scholar. His meetings with Dan are a high point of the week. He loves chatting and gaming with Dan, which puts him at ease enough to be able to open up and talk about his worries. A much needed, five star service!”

“Our son is 12 and has been out of education for 27 months. He is Autistic, chronic anxitey, school trauma and demand avoidant.

Thank you Dan for setting up this great service that benefits so many children. Also, thank you for allocating our son with mentor Leo.

Prior to sessions starting we had a zoom session with Leo, our son was unable to participate at first, but with a low arousal, no pressure approach he was able to wave, see Leo’s face and hear his voice in preperation for his sessions. This no pressure approach was wonderful meeting his needs and reducing anxiety.

He looks forward to every session and comes off each one beaming. Leo is very approachable, he listens to our sons needs, wishes, works alongside him and us his parenrs. Leo validates his worries or concerns. Our son has come on so much within such a short space of time. From their first session he said he felt relaxed and able to talk to Leo.

We are very grateful to Dan, Leo and team for providing such a fabulous service for our children. Thank you for making such a difference in our child’s life.”

Our 12YO son is ASD/ADHD and has been out of full-time school for two years after a really difficult start to year 6.

A’s deep love for gaming and the many hours I spend as a parent on ASD/ADHD parenting groups on Facebook led me to read about MindJam. I became convinced that this could be just the thing that A needed. We even managed to get it funded by the LA as part of A’s EHCP.

From the minute A started talking to Dan in their first session, there was an instant connection. They started gaming together like old friends and it’s very clear that Dan knows exactly how to talk to young people. A’s demeanour after a session is striking. He’s bouncy, happy and full of energy. Not something we see much of at all usually.

The initial weekly sessions were 30 minutes long, but A was getting so much out of working with Dan that we doubled them to one hour.

Dan manages to chat to A about really difficult topics like how he feels about school in such an effortless manner. We communicate with Dan separately to give him context around what’s going on at home so he gets an insight into both perspectives. A is now learning how to code with Dan which he is enjoying immensely.

What’s MindJam given us? Hope for the future. Hope that A’s skills and passion for computer gaming can be harnessed and developed. Relief that there’s someone out there he can talk to and who understands him. If A had a choice, Dan would be his teacher five days a week!

We started working with Dan Clark at MindJam about six months ago. My young teen was completely unable to connect with anyone or anything. Many sessions ended early or abruptly as my child was unable to regulate or communicate. Dan Clark ALWAYS remained calm, relaxed, friendly and open. His kindness and understanding were (and still are) invaluable. Today we had a session where my young teen was able to quietly converse for perhaps 1/3 of the session without any support from me. Dan Clark continues in the same calm, friendly and gently encouraging way to be a sounding board, a colleague, a partner in crime, a fun friend to play with, a guardian of our sanity. I cannot find the words of gratitude to adequately share how far we have come with the support of Dan Clark at MindJam. Dan, you unlocked the door of my child’s prison. Thank you. ” Helen

“I ‘found’ Dan just over a month ago. His unique offering of emotional support and nurturing alongside gaming seemed the most perfect combination for my anxious and withdrawn teenage son. I spoke to Dan on the telephone before deciding to ask him to work with my son. Within a few minutes I knew that he was perfect! Dan ‘gets’ anxiety and teenagers. He understood what I was saying without me having to explain how anxiety was affecting my son.

Dan patiently listened to me and asked relevant questions which clearly demonstrated his awareness of my son’s needs. He was empathetic, compassionate and positive. His approach was to build a relationship with my son via gaming. There was no pressure placed upon my son and their relationship has quickly become very positive. After a 30 minute session with Dan my son is more communicative with me and it is a time when I can encourage him to leave the house/go for a walk. This is a huge step for a child who has mainly been inside the house for the last two years!

My son quickly asked if he could have a second session each week (well actually he asked for 7 sessions!).

Dan is very communicative with me as a parent and asks if there are any areas I would like him to focus on. Currently Dan is supporting my son by talking to him about starting a new school in September (having not been in school for 2 years).

I recommend Dan highly and feel very fortunate that he is in my son’s life. Thanks Dan!”

‘I’m sure other people tell you but you’ve saved us.

You saved my boy.

He smiles again, he talks to us.

And I don’t feel like I want to break into a million pieces all the time.

So thank you.’

“My 10 year old son has a very complex profile of autism including extreme PDA and school trauma and he has been having sessions with Dan for 4 months. My son takes a very long time to engage with others (if at all) due to negative experiences in education but he engaged with Dan instantly. I believe this is due to Dan’s approach which is low demand, friendly and responsive, with a manner which exudes unconditional positive regard. Dan always treats him as an equal which is so vital for successful engagement with the PDA profile . He always brings positivity to the sessions without fail.

I have been looking for someone like Dan for my son for a number of years and what I have found is that it’s quite rare to find a good fit for an extreme PDA profile with extremely high anxiety. When you do find it, it’s like striking gold!

In my experience there are a few key attributes to look for when sourcing a tutor/mentor for a complex profile like my son and they are the right personality, skill, intelligence and shared interests. Mindjam Dan has all of these and more. If Dan doesn’t know something that my son has requested (which isn’t very often) then he will go away and research it meticulously and return with the correct knowledge to inform the session.

In the 4 months my son has been working with Dan through the lockdown, he has made excellent progress in that he is now managing the transitions with ease, has been able to compromise in situations and is learning reading, spelling and technical skills all through gaming. My son looks forward to the sessions and through Dan’s patience and understanding when my son’s anxiety has been high, my son is easily able to re-engage with the peace of mind that Dan is someone that he can trust.

As a result of the safe and happy space that Dan creates, my son is supported well and as a result this has improved his self esteem and maintained positive mental health during the lockdown.

I would highly recommend Dan and I just wish there were more tutors/mentors out there with his profile and skill set. I feel very fortunate that he has come into my son’s life.”

Joanne Lee

“We are so grateful that MindJam Dan came into our lives. My son has had an extremely difficult few years, Dan has brought fun and laughter back into my son’s life on a regular basis. This is no mean feat, particularly after the added stress of lockdown.

My son is 11, has been having a weekly session with Dan since January 2021. My son is autistic, demand avoidant, and highly anxious. He’s had dreadful experiences in education. Dan is enthusiastic, happy, accommodating of my son’s needs, understands his needs better than most people.

Dan uses his understanding of autism and wellbeing, and his shared passion for gaming to connect and build trust with my son. Dan has had the most success with my son of all the professionals that have worked with him since he became too anxious for school.

My son looks forward to his sessions and wishes he could have more than 1 a week. He frequently asks me when he will be seeing Dan. He creates things in Minecraft in his spare time to share with Dan. My son has built the level of trust in 5 months of weekly sessions, that he can talk to Dan when something is concerning him, which is monumental. After a session with Dan my son’s mood is always lifted. Dan’s sessions provide fun, support with wellbeing and also technical knowledge of which I am lacking!

Thank you Dan you are the highlight of my son’s week.” – Jess


My son aged 9 has been having sessions with Dan for a few months now. He’s diagnosed autistic with sensory issues and anxiety and avoids any demands. He absolutely loves his one to one sessions, they really bring his personality out and improve his confidence and self worth. He’s had issues at school so now is being hone educated and much more settled happy and engaging alongside his sessions with Dan. What I’ve seen is they are helping him with his vital sense of self identity and the information Dan gives to parents on the benefits of gaming for children who are neurodiverse or sensitive or who have anxiety is very factual and reduces parental anxiety over children gaming. My son is so much more confident in himself especially after having had some challenging experiences

Thank you Dan


“I wanted to let you know that O is going into school most days, he chats with friends from school online at weekends and after school and leaves the house almost every day to go for a walk. I really do believe that speaking with you weekly built his confidence and has helped him to live his life. Thank you so much”

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