At MindJam our primary focus is to support young people’s emotional well-being. We believe that the key to doing so is by engaging them in a world in which they feel safe and comfortable, namely video games. We support young people between the ages 6 – 25.

Our mentors’ shared passion for gaming provides a platform to build a trusting, long-lasting relationship from which we can support their individual needs, whether emotional or SEN. All mentors are experienced and trained in supporting  neurodivergent individuals including autistic young people and other additional needs such as PDA, ADHD, anxiety, stress and trauma.

Support can take many different forms; it can be playing Fortnite, Minecraft or Roblox. Or through developing a digital skill such as game design, 3D design, digital art, animation, music editing or video editing. However, our focus for all mentees is the same – to support their emotional wellbeing. These activities are great for relieving stress, anxiety and providing emotional regulation and have been shown to greatly benefit mental health and cognitive development.


    Connecting Through Technology

    The future is becoming increasingly digital and it is a world in which young people increasingly feel at home. By harnessing the benefits of digital entertainment/creative platforms, we want to support young people with aspects of life they find difficult, in an environment they feel comfortable. We source the very best mentors who are passionate about gaming and technology, and are skilled in connecting with young people. 

    We work together with families, support networks, schools, councils and mental health professionals to provide the right support to each individual.

    Due to high demand for our service we operate a waiting list for all applicants, including those with funding, which is currently approximately 4 months for mentoring sessions. Please contact us for further information and to be added to our waiting list.



    MindJam sessions can be included as part of your young person’s EHCP or EOTAS package. 

    Pricing Information

    Privately funded sessions are £48 inc VAT for 1 hour. 

    Funded sessions are £50 + VAT for 1 hour.

    Longer sessions and additional sessions are available upon request and subject to availability.

    We'd love to hear from you.

    If you would like our team to get in touch with you to discuss how we can help you and your young people through our services, please feel free to fill out our contact form, and we will be in touch as soon as possible to talk you through enrolling with one of our mentors or counsellors

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