Tom Dunt

Tom Dunt


I have worked in social care for 8 years in various settings. I have a BA in Philosophy and am a registered social worker with Social Work England, holding an MA in Social Work.

I started my career in supported living as a support worker and later as an assistant manager supporting young people and adults with a variety of needs. I’ve spent 4 years working in statutory social care, during which time I completed my Master’s in Social Work.

Through my training as a social worker I am knowledgeable and qualified in safeguarding, statutory frameworks of social care, therapeutic approaches and skills of engagement. I continue to develop my knowledge of neurodivergence professionally and personally through reading and learning from those with lived experience.

Throughout my career I have come to specialise in working with neurodivergent and learning disabled young people and adults. I pride myself on taking a holistic, person-centred approach which can help engage the most resistant individuals to be happy and empowered. I am a strong advocate for working under the social model of disability, which believes that it is not an individual’s differences that pose barriers to them, but rather society’s inability to understand and adapt to these differences. In light of this I have led various workshops and video-game social groups dedicated to creating an environment that is supportive of the needs of all people regardless of their differences. Through this I have had the pleasure of seeing the effect an inclusive, judgement-free environment can have on an individual’s social, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

I enjoy video games of all varieties with a particular fondness for fighting games, adventure games and indie games. More than anything, I enjoy playing multiplayer. I have seen firsthand the therapeutic benefits a shared gaming experience can have and the barriers it can remove.

I have a keen interest in music and performance and have played in several bands. I have knowledge of basic music production and greatly enjoy messing around with sound.

My greatest professional strength is also my greatest passion; working directly with people in a fun and therapeutic way to help them grow, develop and achieve. This is why I have joined MindJam and I cannot wait to meet those I will be working with!

Favourite Games

Shenmue, Guilty Gear Strive, Apex Legends, Celeste, Fez, Dishonored.


Playing music, Going to gigs, Skateboarding, Cooking.

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