Tom Cass

Tom Cass


Hi, I’m Tom! I’ve got over a decade’s experience working in the creative field as a video producer. I’ve worked on every aspect of production, from television ads to celebrity shoots, but at my core, I’m a full-time gamer! MMORPGs are my favourite thing to play, but I’m fairly skilled at first-person shooters, and I’ll never say no to a city builder!

Video games hold a special place in my heart. I myself am Neurodivergant, and when I look back at my own journey through education and adolescence, it was sometimes difficult and isolating, but gaming offered me a safe space. I’ve even made some of my closest lifelong friends through online communities and gaming!

Throughout my career in production, I’ve won a handful of awards, and I’ve taught video editing and creative writing at a university level and also mentored young people in creative skills. During my time producing content with one of the country’s largest children’s charities, I worked with neurodivergent children and young people from all walks of life to co-create content and, more importantly, have fun while we’re doing it, and honestly, it was my favourite part of the job.

Working so closely with children and young people over the years has really made me aware of the issues and challenges they can sometimes face but also it’s made me aware of just how rewarding it can be to foster creativity and help grow a sense of confidence in young people. 

Favourite Games

The Elder Scrolls Online, Civilization V & VI, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty – DMZ, Embr, MTG Arena, Monster Hunter Rise, Medieval Dynasty, XCOM.


Playing games and photography!

My Pets

I have two cats, Lil & Morty and a dog called Wilson.

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