Thomas Ruiz

Thomas Ruiz


Hi, I’m Thomas! I attended UC Santa Cruz and got a bachelors in Art and Design; Games and Playable Media. I’ve loved games for as long as I can remember, and have wanted to have a job making them. My favourite games growing up were always either Mario platformers or games where you are given lots of options on how to complete an objective, like Deus Ex or Thief. 

I find so much joy in seeing people’s reactions to what I make. 

But in addition to my love of games, I have a second major interest in my life, and that is education. I’ve been a tutor ever since high school, and after graduating college, I also began to work in schools, both as a substitute teacher and as an aid. During this time as well, I worked on several educational video games including some in Virtual Reality. I believe that kids, no matter who they are or where they are from, deserve to learn at a pace that suits them. I also believe that the best places to learn are places where the student feels safe and can have their educational needs adjusted and personalized. I think MindJam offers such an experience, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

I’m fully safety checked and trained in understanding Anxiety and Stress in children and young people, Data Protection and Online safety.  I have training and experience working with autistic young people, PDA, ADHD and SEN.

My hobbies include reading, exercising, and of course, gaming! 

Favourite Games

Deus Ex, Thief 2, Tears of The Kingdom, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Metroid.


Coding, baking, hiking, reading, comedy.

My Pets

A white mini schnauzer named Rip.

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