Terry Cooke

Terry Cooke


Hello everyone!

My name is Terry or Fax (your choice). I’m thrilled to be part of the MindJam family and have the opportunity to mentor others in a user-led, creative, safe and non judgemental way.

I have worked alongside young individuals with autism for over 8 years, supporting each individual to a person centred approach.

Working in this sector for many years has given me the opportunity to undertake professional training with certification to ensure my knowledge and skills are up to date with current legislation. Alongside all the training I hold an enhanced DBS and have also completed a NVQ level 3 in health & social care.

I am a proud father of three children and always endeavour to make their dreams a reality, helping them to achieve any goals or passion they have, one passion we all share is for gaming and we make sure it is a regular part of our family time, from Halo to Minecraft, Fortnite, Mario, Roblox and more we always make sure we get time for gaming together even if I’m away from the home.
I myself am happy when I’m helping others and being creative, I am a musician with over 150k streams on various platforms. I also enjoy Mac/PC/laptop build/repair, prop building, mechanics, art and more. I have experience in all areas of digital creation from writing music with various DAW (pro tools/studio one/live/logic) to, making 3D designs in Slicer/Blender/Meshmixer and bringing them to life with 3D printers which I also make and teach others to use, I am also currently completing a Level 2 in Mechanics at college.
I have been a gamer for 32 yrs and know from my children the positives it can bring in transporting their minds to a new location and exploring in a digital environment, this allows them to be themselves, help with anxiety and to provide a level of confidence and creativity which opens them up socially to interact and develop social skills in a safe manner.

I am super excited to start this journey and meet you all! Also a massive thanks to MindJam for providing such an innovative platform for our Mentees to express and be themselves.

Favourite Games

Fallout, Plants vs Zombies, Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed, Fortnite, Wreckfest, Battlefield, COD, PUBG, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, The Last of Us, Days Gone, Road Rash



Songwriting, Sound Design, Synthesizers, Guitar, 3D Printing, Mechanics, Motorbikes, Roller Hockey, NHL, Design, Mountain Bikes

My Pets

Cocker Spaniel called Phoenix


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