Sam Unwin

Sam Unwin


Hi There! My name is Sam, I have worked alongside children with Special Educational Needs for over 4 years being a 1:1 for young people.  I have good knowledge and understanding of PTSD, Autism, Global Development Delay, ADD, PDA, ADHD just to name a few. 

When I saw what Dan and the team have achieved already supporting children with the addition of learning whilst computing, I thought it was a fantastic idea. I love playing computer games and also learning to play games and being taught new things as well as teaching to the best of my abilities, I always have open ears and I am always ready to take on new challenges within any environment. I have played computer games for over 15 years, and am experienced in game design with Unity. 

I had a brother who was also into video games and we used to play games together and were almost inseparable, But due to a horrid illness called “leukemia” my little brother passed away at the age of 15. This hasn’t stopped me adapting and furthering my steps forward into helping people. I feel I have good knowledge, empathy and understanding due to my experiences.

I am a Step-Father to 3 girls, and of course I love them like they are my own. They teach me new things everyday and I love talking to them about the things they have learned and also just about everyday life. We all love going out for walks with our dog called Presley (who is a black and white Jackapoo) and when we get home from our walk we like to watch movies and play with the 2 cats we have and their toys. 

When I play games, I like all sorts of different types: MOBA, FPS, MMORPG, Action/Adventure, RPG, Racing and many more. My favourite games are probably: Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, Call of duty, Minecraft, DOTA 2, Fortnite and Diablo (all of them). I have played games for many hours and strived to be a good standard at most games. I also like to coach football for a Year 4+5 Girls team for the Weetabix Wild Cats. My daughter also attends within the team and we absolutely love the challenge every week.

I hope you find what you are looking for within this setting, And I am glad to be part of this amazing team helping young people who are trying to find their feet in this world. I will do everything within my power to help as much as I can

Favourite Games

CS:GO, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Shinobi Story, Remnant 2, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Borderlands, Valorant.


Football, Esports, Collecting Pokémon cards.

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