Ryan Goodrum

Ryan Goodrum



I’m Ryan, a dedicated music and audio specialist with a BA(Hons) degree in Music and Sound for Games & Apps. Over the past several years, my journey has led me through diverse roles such as Foley artist, sound designer, music producer, and collaborative projects in various Game Jam sessions.

In addition, I’ve been working in education as an international English teacher, where my experiences span online platforms and classrooms in countries like China, Switzerland, and Thailand. This journey has allowed me to connect with students of all ages, from kindergarten to elderly adults. I’ve even worked in SEN schools, where my mission was to spread joy through singing and entertainment. These diverse experiences have not only shaped my personality, but also improved my social skills and deepened my enthusiasm to assist people in any way I can.

My educational background in music performance, music production, and sound engineering for theaters, festivals, and live events created a beautiful harmony where I was able to learn many different valuable skills. However, it was the exploration of the soundscape in films and games that truly captivated me. The gaming industry, in particular, fascinated me with its power to evoke emotions and the intricate craftsmanship behind creating a successful title, whether indie or Triple AAA.

Collaborating in Game Jam sessions and building friendships within the gaming community revealed the unifying power of games, both in playing and creating them.

From my early gaming memories of competing with my family on Robotron, to watching my mum tackle Tomb Raider puzzles, I’ve always seen the positive impact games can have on people’s lives. I personally found confidence through Xbox Live, which transformed me from a shy boy, to someone comfortable in social settings.

Understanding the uniqueness of every child is important for me, and I’ve previously tailored lessons to create inclusive environments where students could excel comfortably and feel supported. Whether as a music teacher, Foley artist, or sound designer, my goal is to encourage and explore the endless creativity within each person.

My strong people skills and commitment to motivating individuals of all ages have always been my top priority. Despite not having children of my own, I help every child as if they were mine, fostering trustful and meaningful connections.

I am DBS checked, up-to-date safeguarding, online education safeguarding, data protection, and training in child mental health awareness, PDA, Autism, ADHD.

I’m excited to be part of MindJam, contributing to their mission of bringing emotional support to people worldwide through gaming.

Favourite Games

FIFA, Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, Party Animals, Fall Guys, SpeedRunners, Minecraft.


Favourite Series: South Park, Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy. 

Hobbies: Gaming, Football (Tottenham Hotspur), Music, Music Production, YouTuber.

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