Reece Archibold

Reece Archibold


I’ve worked and loved my time as a mental health nurse in the NHS. I’ve over 9 years nursing experience caring for those with Depression and Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, PDA and OCD. I’m honoured to have received award nominations for compassionate moments as it’s always been my life goal to help others.
This team sung to my heart of how technologies can bring us together to engage with unique and talented individuals that may have a learning disability or have SEN input. I have a degree in mental health nursing with further completed courses in low level cognitive stimulation therapy/CBT, Relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Through my experience practicing in healthcare and the developed knowledge in both physical and mental health conditions I feel strongly it’s always crucial we understand the individual’s holistic wellbeing needs, working in partnership to have a person-centred aim to get exactly what will work best for them.
In my spare time I work as a qualified skateboard coach in schools and youth groups. Encouraging accessibility and promoting inclusion within the sport regardless of disabilities or health conditions. It’s brilliant to see my pupils build their confidence, share ideas and most importantly have fun whilst we problem solve together. I’m aware of how important it is to build good rapport and communicate closely with pupils and families about aims or areas of interest for sessions. Discussing potential triggers, challenges or anxieties to ensure sessions are tailored to the individual for the best experience and opportunity to have fun.
Since a child I have loved being a bit of a spokesperson of the therapeutic benefits and learning aspects video games and technology can bring us. Playing Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and my gaming PC is one of my favourite ways to wind down, get creative and learn something new. Usually anything co-operative or team based I find very awesome, bonus if it’s puzzling or creative to share ideas with other players.
Since the age of 10 I’ve self-taught or learned from friends how to create and edit YouTube or social media videos. Along the way I’ve gained a healthy understanding and excitement in Video editing, 3D animation and Graphics. I enjoy using Premier Pro, Blender and Photoshop. I’m currently learning more about Unity to develop a better understanding in video game design.
I’ve been complimented on my warm, fun and talkative demeanour and look forward to using my passion in helping others within MindJam


Favourite Games

Super Smash Brothers, Fortnite, Vampire Survivors, Animal Crossing and Rocket League.


Skateboarding, YouTube Learning tutorials, Learning about game design and technology. 3D printing ( I like designing and modelling in software’s such as Fusion 360 and sketch cad to then printing it out on my 3D printer ). Learning German.

My Pets

A cat called Tinsel

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