Olivia McSweeney

Olivia McSweeney


Hi, I’m Olivia (but you can also call me Livi)

I am autistic and proud! My journey with my autism has had its complications, I didn’t receive my autism assessment until 5 years ago, this meant that throughout my childhood and early adulthood I felt very lost and like something was wrong with me. Gaming has always been a great comfort to me, both as a form of entertainment and escapism from a world where I didn’t feel I belonged. But it later became something that I could share with my autistic niece. Not only did this help us bond (I earned the coveted ‘best auntie’ title) but it sparked my interest in working with young people.

Since studying criminology at university, I have worked with teenagers and young adults who have been exposed to domestic abuse as a caseworker. Therefore, I have experience of building relationships with those who have experienced trauma and may also suffer with their mental health. I would describe myself as warm, friendly and a bit of a goofball, I feel these qualities help me create a safe space where young people can relax, feel listened to and not judged. I am fully DBS checked and have been trained in safeguarding, trauma informed practises, neurodivergence, healthy relationships and domestic abuse.

Favourite Games

My favourite games include the Dragon Age series, Persona series, Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West, Kingdom Hearts, Dangan Ronpa series and Fire Emblem Three Houses. When I want to play something a bit more chill, I enjoy playing Animal Crossing, Story of Seasons/Harvest Moon games, Spiritfarer and have just got into Fae Farm.




When I’m not gaming, I like to watch TV (Doctor Who, Rupaul’s Drag Race, BBC Ghosts, Good Omens, true crime documentaries), go down Youtube wormholes (I particularly like Outside Xbox/Extra, Eurogamer and Buzzfeed unsolved/Watcher) and bothering cats! I volunteer at my local cat rescue where I adopted my lovely cat Midnight. Also like to bake, enjoy musicals and am getting back into reading and swimming.

My Pets

My lovely cat Midnight


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