Nick Ould

Nick Ould


My name is Nick and I am a Cornishman with a love for the sea, pasties, exploring new places and constantly evolving my Design and Development skill set. I am so pleased to have joined the MindJam team. Throughout my life I believe I have accumulated a skill set and passion that has led me to this very moment!

I started my journey many years ago, when I fell in love with video games. I dabbled in a variety of games during my formative years but really came into it with Zelda, Mario and Banjo Kazooie. This began a lifelong joyous hobby which allowed me to find creativity and passion in design and the arts.

Subjects that involved the English language were always a struggle for me growing up through the education system; Video games and the art that came alongside it allowed me to flourish where normally I may have dropped by the wayside. After struggling through the academics of secondary education, I was lucky enough to earn a place at University level studying Games Design. My history of playing video games and my love of art really made this work feel like home and helped me understand a lot about myself, building a confidence that I now would love to help others feel. 

Since achieving my BA in Games Design, I have been able to work as a 3D Artist designing Skate parks and playgrounds, working in a start-up company designing the UI and UX of applications, working for a multitude of companies in 3D animation, level designing and architecture visualisation. I believe falling in love with video games as a youngster planted the seed which helped me flourish in all these areas.


After my journey as a designer, I began working at a care home which housed multiple people with autism. This was my first real exposure to autism and it really opened my eyes. Whilst games and art helped me excel, I found I could bring games and art to help others excel also, one young man at the home I cared for was a big lover of art and I was able to incorporate that into his daily life, creating drawings and colourings with him and giving him a good space to really enjoy a pastime. Seeing him grow and the happiness he began to show was extremely fulfilling and, in turn, it brought me happiness to be on the journey with him.

Once my time in the position finished, I went back to school to achieve my MA in Entrepreneurism. I have developed a wide understanding of business, the games and 3D Design industries, and found great friendships with people in professional workplaces and in the gaming community. I understand that individuals all have different ways of learning and through building a rapport and maintaining a safe, patient and judgement-free space, I hope I can bring out the best in anyone. 


Favourite Games

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Halo, The Witcher 3, Valorant, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed, Gears of War, Ghost of Tshushima.


Muay Thai, Bouldering, Cliff Jumping, Kayaking, Calisthenics, Language Learning.

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