Lucille Swith

Lucille Swith



Hello, I’m Lucille!

I’m a non-binary visual artist and writer with a BA Degree in Fine Art and 2 years of experience as a Support Worker for autistic adults (aged 17+) with complex needs of which include, ADHD, OCD, PDA, and learning difficulties. I’ve held creative workshops for service users whilst supporting them through their day to day activities, with the aim of motivating them using individual tailored methods that work and benefit them. I recently held a journaling workshop in my local library to encourage young people to engage with therapeutic writing practices, in order to improve mental well-being and emphasise the value of creativity in relation to mental health and neurodivergence.

I enjoy using art, writing and gaming, as vehicles for self-expression, and I believe that it provides holistic and therapeutic qualities in that it can hold space for acknowledging and processing difficult feelings. Drawing and writing is great for ‘getting things out’, and confronting your fears by mapping them out in this way, can surprisingly make them less scary, because it gives the person control in facing them. This in turn makes art and writing a really empowering and self-realising activity. It is my goal to show my mentees that by giving yourself permission to be imperfect through creativity, learning, and connection, we can learn self-acceptance and gain confidence, even in the most difficult situations.

I specialise in collage, poetry, journalling, video, and any other craft I may come across! I love learning, and being neurodivergent I’m always looking for new and exciting projects, and I am very much an advocate for alternative and unconventional methods of learning, which is what brought me to MindJam! I’m a firm believer in that it’s not about how much you know, it’s being creative with what you do know! I’ve recently dabbled in piano playing, song-writing and recording using GarageBand. I generally love finding new ways to create and connect with people.

I have ADHD, and I’m always on the path to learning about myself in this regard, and figuring out ways to not only manage my condition on a daily basis, but to actively seek and create ways in which I can thrive. I want to be able to share my skills and techniques that I’ve found with mentees who may be finding it difficult to navigate discovering, and understanding a sense of self, through my own lived experience and research, particularly as an LGBT+ person.

I am trained in PDA, safeguarding, online safety, and I am fully DBS checked.


Favourite Games

Pokemon, Fae Farm, Minecraft (Bedrock, creative or survival), GTA, Fortnite (no build mode), Helldivers


Drawing, collaging, writing, journaling, reading, zine making, gaming, piano playing, movies (comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, horror), MineCraft Lego!

My Pets

A Cat called Bella

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