Lee Andrew

Lee Andrew


Hello there!

What to know about me? I have a passion for trying new things as often as I can about new subjects, as a teen, it took the form of learning psychology and philosophy, as a university student, it took the form of learning game design as I had always been avid gamer my entire life, starting with a sega handheld playing sonic in the late 90’s, graduating to the PS1 playing Crash, Spyro and Medievil. Some of my fond memories playing games were with my dad when either of us were playing a game like Assassins creed, Gears of War, Halo or Fallout 3, we would just sit and talk or not talk and just enjoy playing the game in eachothers company, giving advice here and there on what to do. As an adult it took the form of game collecting, specifically games and consoles I never had the chance to play as a kid, as well as my newer found enjoyment of building computers, having built my first in 2020, and have since built 3 more, I hope to find excuses to build more in future.

In terms of work/school experiences, I worked with kids on a few different occasions, for example; during my last 2 years at school, I helped tutor younger kids in subjects like Maths and Science, during my time at university we worked with a company that asked us to make games that are accessible to children with disabilities, and I had the pleasure of working with some very talented people to make that game. More recently I have worked as both an assistant animation intern and have also taught kids the basics and fundamentals of programming using Scratch. Outside of work and school examples, I also enjoy teaching raid and dungeon mechanics in Destiny 2 (a game you might say I play too much), helping new players through some of the endgame content.

On a more personal note, gaming has always been a major outlet for me and helped me overcome issues and challenges in my life by offering a needed and welcome distraction and stress relief, it gave me somethingto look forward to at the end of a long day even into my adult life. To know MindJam exists now gives me great hope that kids who are like I was at that age will go on to do great things with the support and understanding they need and deserve.

Favourite Games

Destiny 1 + 2, Overwatch, Legend of Zelda breath of the wild and tears of the kingdom, Mario Kart 8 deluxe, Pokemon Emerald, Final Fantasy 7, 12 and 15, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Halo series, Gears of war series.


– Gaming (obviously)
– Game collecting
– DnD
– Anime
– Spending time with the dogs

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