Lauren Crombie

Lauren Crombie


Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m from Scotland.
I’m very excited to be working at Mindjam! I started my career as a Occupational Therapist,
graduating from Queen Margaret University in 2001. I have a variety of experience as an OT
and support worker, in both hospital and home environments, as well as schools and nurseries.
I have worked with both adults and children with physical, mental and emotional needs,
including SEN, to support them and their families in many aspects of their lives.
I am a very empathetic and altruistic person, I’m super friendly and always full of positivity.
Growing up I struggled with body image and bullying at school, so I have some first hand
experience with the emotional and mental pressures that can be put on someone. This
experience is part of what drives my passion for caring for others and I am dedicated to having
a positive impact on young peoples lives.

One of my other passions is gaming, and mentoring for Mindjam allows me to combine this with one of the things I love the most, helping people reach their full potential. OT is all about
learning through activity and I believe gaming and the digital world are perfect mediums to
connect with young people who may struggle in more traditional learning or social
I’ve played games since I had an Atari in the 80’s and have many years of gaming experience,
including leading large communities within online games such as Warframe and Dungeons and
Dragons Online. For the last few years I’ve been a full time streamer on Twitch and I’m a Twitch
Partner. I built an online community that fostered values around mental health, a positive body
image, inclusion and respect. Through gaming, I created a place people could come every day
for love, support and laughter. I also gained a lot of knowledge about streaming, streaming
software, and all other aspects of content creation.

My favourite games are FPS games like PUBG and Escape from Tarkov or puzzle games like
Portal or It Takes Two. I also love games that make me laugh, like Fall Guys, Overcooked and
Plate Up! I love the social side of gaming so I’m happy to play anything co-op and try new

My other interests are cooking and baking, drama and performing in the theatre, travelling,
board games, formula 1, penguins and Esports.

I’m fully DBS checked and have training in Safeguarding, Online Safety, Data Protection, Non
Suicidal Self Injury, Anxiety and Stress in young people, Autism and PDA.
I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Favourite Games

PUBG, Escape from Tarkov, Portal 1 and 2, It Takes Two, Plate Up, Only Up, Wipeout and Fall Guys.


Cooking and Baking, Theatre and Musicals, Performing on the Stage, Travelling, Formula 1, Penguins and Esports.

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