Kuba Okroj

Kuba Okroj


Hello, my name is Kuba and I look forward to meeting you! Here is a little bit about me –

I’m a 21 year old Psychology graduate. During University I worked part time at many different primary schools throughout Nottingham, mostly supporting Autistic kids and children with a variety of different special needs 1 on 1. I found it to be a rewarding job seeing that through patience and empathy I could make a real difference in these kids’ lives, and watch them grow and gain confidence both socially and academically.

Before University and after I’ve always been interested in people as evidenced by later going on to study psychology. While I was in secondary school and Sixth form I’d volunteer to help kids academically with English and maths. All of this as well as my overall experiences has helped me become what I hope is approachable and easy to talk no matter the demographic.

In my personal life some of my closest friends are also neurodivergent, which I feel helped contribute to my non-judgmental, friendly personality. Due to my long-distance friendships, games have played a big part in my life for as long as I can remember. Gaming was not only entertaining to me but also a means to escape the monotony of everyday life; helping me improve my social skills. Some of my favourite games to play being Minecraft, Battlefield 4 and Rocket league. I would also frequently watch YouTube “Let’s play” series which helped me learn the English language, as I am a native Polish speaker (I’m bilingual: Polish and English), coming to England when I was 4 years old.


Favourite Games

Rocket League, Minecraft, Battlefield 4, Call of duty Black Ops 1


Video editing, fitness, gaming, photography, traveling, anime, reading, learning history and how businesses work.


My Pets

A 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier called Tango! 

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