Kieran Doherty

Kieran Doherty



Hey, I’m Kieran

For as long as I can remember my biggest passions in life have been assisting others (be it through tutoring peers, teaching guitar to younger students, or even giving feedback on performances for exam pieces), music (both listening and performing), and gaming (both alone with a great story to get lost in, and online with friends having a great laugh and a catch up between busy schedules). As someone who has grown up around a wonderful group of friends and family, with multiple neurodivergent members in both, the matter of getting help for people in this community has always been a very near and dear matter to me.

Throughout my time with all the people I am close to, I find that gaming is one of the most laid back and pressure free manners in which I can have a good catch up with others. Having something to focus on while chatting I feel has always been an amazing way to take the focus off of the pressures we face in life and as such leads to many wonderful sessions where we are able to just really unwind and de-stress during more trying times.

I feel very passionate about the service we are providing at MindJam, as looking at all the good we are doing now I think it would have been a great service for so many people I know back when they were going through hardships in their own lives. I hope more than anything that as a member of the MindJam family I am able to provide any mentees I assist with the level of laid back consolation and unwind that I think is pivotal in any young person’s life.

I am fully DBS checked, have full up-to date safeguarding, safeguarding for online education, and data protection training and have also received training in PDA, ASD, ADHD.

Favourite Games

Crash Bandicoot 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, Sekiro, Final Fantasy 9, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Baldur‘s Gate 3, Devil May Cry 5, Hades, and Resident Evil 4.


Cooking, Reading, Writing, Dungeons and Dragons, Anime, Weight Training, and Going for nice walks with my fiancé.

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