Kat Jones

Kat Jones


Hello! I’m Kat,
I’ve been driven to help people my whole life, I’ve always been caring and as time has gone on its
only blossomed into a passion! I love seeing people express themselves and enjoy knowing I can help them feel comfortable and accepted within the online community.

As I live in a foster caring household, I have completed many courses including skills to foster
training , SEN training and safeguarding. I volunteer at a local secondary school working with
children in the SEN department who need extra support when things get tough. I find that the
experience I have, my passion for gaming and the training I have undergone, works hand in hand to help children feel comfortable with me and build trust.

Throughout life I’ve had lots of experience personally, through friends and family who have been
diagnosed with mental health issues, ADHD, ASD, learning disabilities and trauma. This has enabled me to understand that everyone is different and has different needs. Being someone who struggled with mental illness at young age I found comfort in the online world when I became withdrawn from school and hobbies. I found gaming became a way for me to cope
with my anxiety as well as build up my social confidence. Keen to learn, I have always watched
videos on YouTube about digital art and animation and delved into these things myself whilst at
college and in my spare time.

I love playing online with people and find that is can be very therapeutic and calming when life on the outside sometimes feels so daunting. I am so happy to be able to use my experience and
professional qualifications together with online gaming to help others find a safe space in their daily lives.

Some of the interesting things about me are – I love anything peach themed (I don’t know why! ),
I am a qualified scuba diver! Been lucky to have travelled a lot, (I have many stories about some
amazing places), I adore animals, I have a love of horses and riding (thought about owning a ranch one day)! and currently living in my thriving zoo are 3 amazing dogs, a Pac-man frog named Gertrudeand a snake called Budgie!

My favourite game growing up was Minecraft which I’ve been playing ever since I can remember and I also enjoy playing countless adventure, co-op and indie games. I am always keen to learn anything new and love sharing the gaming experience with others.

I am fully DBS checked and have completed my safeguarding training.

Favourite Games

Minecraft, Apex Legends, The Isle, Path of Titans, Craftopia, Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams, Monster Hunter World.


Drawing (digital/traditional), Animals, Nature/Travelling, Dinosaurs and Reptiles, Learning new things.

My Pets

A snake called Budgie, a frog called Gertrude and three dogs called Fender, Nala and

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