Karl Alexander

Karl Alexander


Hello there! I am an experienced writer for games narratives, passionate tinkerer of clocks and total nerd for near all things gaming. Coming from an educational background in games design as a broader topic, I eventually honed that topic into a focus on the narrative side of what games offer as a medium to tell stories. Through that I became a deeply educated graduate on the topic of Ludonarration, the telling of stories through play as opposed to through words. After finishing my rodeo through university, I found myself drifting through quite a few jobs, key of which was my time working in youth camps as an activity’s instructor and councillor, gaining valuable experience with various age groups and kids with various needs including SEN. Soon after I would find work in various spots in the tech industry from service desk work in a data centre to server maintenance and upkeep. Eventually however, with a bright-eyed wonder, I found myself at the behest of MindJam!

I’m an avid gamer in my free time, often spending hours of said free time volunteering in sanctuary servers, helping to guide and assist players with various struggles that make it hard for them to reach out to fellow gamers in safe spaces for those with ADHD, ASD, PDA or extreme social anxiety.

On a more personal note, I come from a family full of neurodivergent folk and grew up alongside the struggles brought along by ADHD and ASD myself. Gaming became this wonderful escape from the hardships that social life and school would bring, somewhere where I could escape into fantastical worlds, experience and live stories that could get me out of my youthful struggles. To know that MindJam exists to support kids going through those same kinds of things, using games as a comfort space to express and explore their interests and fascinations, it made me delighted to discover that a company like this could exist.

My favourite games growing up were The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Persona, Team Fortress 2 and the Dark Souls series. Joining those favourites in my adult life are Bloodborne, Sekiro, Elden Ring, Destiny 2 and tons of indie darlings!

Outside of gaming a lot of my free time is spent writing, character designing, tinkering and creating things of all sorts and nerding out over history and stories of old!

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