Jordan Shotton

Jordan Shotton


Hi there!

My name’s Jordan, I’m an avid gamer, musician, and have a bachelor’s in music production which included making music for games.  I’ve worked in childcare with children with SEN for a number of years, I have experience working with and supporting young people with ASD, ADHD, PDA, trauma and mental health issues.


From very early on I was always quite an anxious child who often dreaded going into school. Quite often I would feel very upset and try to avoid going in, but at that time Mental health awareness was not understood in the way it is now.  I studied Music production and absolutely loved the creative outlet of the course. However during my first year of University I began to have terrible anxiety about the course and it started to seep into my everyday life causing me to avoid social situations as much as possible. I have always been an avid gamer and so naturally I went into my online world through gaming which was a life saver for me to relax and talk to friends without the pressure of face to face social situations.


After year one of my course I took a gap year and tried to overcome the anxiety before returning. During this time I worked in a Kids Allowed, working at first in the toddler room and eventually moving into the out of school club working with all ages.

I absolutely loved my time working with the children there and built so many great relationships with them.


My anxiety was still an issue for me but I began to learn how to build my confidence through working there and also having counselling sessions. I worked with SEN children and such a wide range of personalities. I loved the challenge of involving all the children in the activities we did at the nursery and found that gaming was an incredible way for all of them to open up and become more comfortable talking with me and the other kids there, building trust and friendships.


After building up my confidence at the nursery I went back to university and got the degree in Music Production.


I am a great listener with a bubbly personality and a passion for mental health awareness. Having dealt with various mental health issues, whether that be myself or with kids/adults through my life, it is something very close to my heart and it has given me good understanding and empathy around the difficulties anxiety can create. MindJam is the perfect place for me to help as many people as I can through gaming and mentorship which I am extremely passionate about!


I’m fully DBS checked and have an accredited certificate in Counselling Children and Adolescents. 

Favourite Games

God of War, Last of Us, FIFA, Remnant 2, Halo Series, Battlefield 1, GTA, Sekiro, Elden Ring, Demon Souls.


Music Production, Football (Manchester Urd), Drumming, Watching Movies/Series, Gaming and History.

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