Joe Wray

Joe Wray


Hello! My Name is Joe

I am very excited to use my years of gaming experience and online skills to help deliver the very best involvement as a mentor! I have experience in using gaming as a career path as a professional Esports player for CSGO, which later turned into running and managing an Esports organisation which was specifically aimed for players that had SEN needs or with LGBTQ+ backgrounds. During 2021 when everyone was stuck inside I used my skills I learnt to start streaming on Twitch where I developed a loving and active community.

With a passion for gaming that spans over 15 years, I understand the transformative potential of gaming as a tool for connection, learning, and emotional support. Through personal experience I have an appreciation for the positive impact of gaming.

Throughout my experiences I have developed strong interpersonal skills, empathy and patience, all of which I believe are essential in mentoring and supporting individuals and diverse needs. I am committed to fostering an inclusive and safe environment where mentees feel heard, understood and empowered.

I have a personal understanding of the troubles and issues being Neurodivergent myself. I find this a great way to both understand and help through my own experiences.

After many years of playing games I find great joy going into the lore and background of the games, books, movies and Tv-Shows. I have a massive range of games which I delve deep into and completely immerse myself in its universe both in single player games such as The Witcher and multiplayer games such as League of legends. The current hook is the massive world of Balders gate 3 with the lore orientated background of dungeons and dragons


Favourite Games

Baldur’s Gate 3, Stardew valley, Rocket league, CSGO, League Of Legends



Climbing, Streaming, Cooking, Digital Art, Travel, Movies

My Pets

Reid – Named after Spencer Reid From Criminal Minds


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