Jess Wilson

Jess Wilson

Senior Management / Mentor

I have a Master’s degree in Education with a focus on Special Educational Needs and Disability. After graduating with distinction, I have now begun my PhD in Education, again focused on SEND. I have two papers and my dissertation in editing to be published, including a piece on SEND and social justice, and a piece on ADHD. I have an in-depth knowledge of both past and current educational practice and policy, such as EHCPs and off-rolling, and the impact on both parents/guardians and children.

Prior to my studies I worked at Rockstar Lincoln as a member of the QA team and my claim to fame will always be having my name in the credits of one of the bestselling games of all time, GTA V. Gaming has forever been a passion of mine, from many, many hours on the likes of Fable and Skyrim, to working in gaming Journalism, my time at Rockstar Lincoln, and now here at MindJam.

As a mother to 2 young children, I am used to interacting with children and young people, and as gaming is a massive part of my family’s life too, I am up to date with all the big gaming YouTubers, games, and potential interests to connect with children and young people about. I can also empathise with parents and guardians as a parent myself.

As someone who struggled in the education system I can empathise with children and young people who feel lost in or left out of mainstream schooling and have a unique insight into the struggles they face.

I believe that the current education system doesn’t place enough value on children and young people as individuals, and as such many, wonderful, unique, talented individuals are left out. However, my passion for education lies in making sure all children are seen, heard, and valued. All children and young people deserve a safe space they can feel comfortable and able to be themselves. I believe this is built by allowing children and young people the space and time to do things at their own pace, in the way they feel happiest and most at ease. I am proud to be able to offer that safe space here at MindJam, to support and connect with its users and their parents and guardians to build confidence, skills, and help to overcome obstacles.

I am fully DBS checked, have safeguarding training and experience putting it into practice, and knowledge and experience of ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, trauma, and mental health.

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