Jake Moon

Jake Moon


Hi, I’m Jake!

As you can guess, like everyone here I am an avid gamer! I have been playing video games from a young age and I have always enjoyed immersing myself in crazy, wondrous and pixelated worlds! I remember when I first played Spider-man I was obsessed with it – every time I went out with my Mum I was pretending to swing from webs and catch invisible bad guys THWIP!

Apart from being a mentor I am also a part time actor/voice actor and videogame developer. I love creating characters with my voice and coming up with ideas for big, funny and crazy worlds! I also have a wonderful time getting out and meeting new people at various networking events, video game conventions/conferences and social events!

What may come as a surprise to most people, is that I’ve not always been such an outgoing person. I had a difficult upbringing for a variety of reasons and at the age of 10 I was involved in a traumatic event which caused me to develop PTSD. Unfortunately this went undiagnosed (until adulthood) and untreated, so it then progressed into a general anxiety disorder and depression.

Throughout my life I’ve had to deal with a lot of emotional issues and largely without any support getting through it. However I eventually managed to completely get over my phobias related to PTSD and lower the impact of anxiety all on my own! This has made me a big believer that anyone can move past and deal with issues to the point where they can flourish and become their best selves!

I’ve been to CAMHS and later on in life IAPT, both of which were extremely inconsistent and they never gave me what I needed and asked for – just someone to talk to. When I was a young lad, the one thing I was in serious need for was a mentor! Which is the reason why I am here with MindJam today! I know how much it would’ve meant to me, so why not be the change and help someone in a similar situation.
To help me achieve this, I have undergone various training courses including Safeguarding, Mental Health and PDA. I also have an up to date enhanced DBS check.

People have always told me that I’m easy to open up to and provide a pressure and judgement free environment to those around me. If we work together, I hope I can provide that for you too!

So let’s relax, play some games and perhaps have a chat!

Favourite Games

Warhammer, Board games / tabletop games, Card games, Airsoft, Dungeons & Dragons, Martial arts, Anime, Manga & Comics, Acting/Voice acting, Video Game Development, Youtube, Gym.


Halo, Deep rock Galactic, Minecraft, Smash bros, Pokemon, Hell let loose, Helldivers 2, Sea of Thieves, Call of duty, Battlefield, Arma 3, Chivalry 2, Dragonball FighterZ, Dark souls/Elden Ring, Warframe.


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