David Perryman

David Perryman


I’m a seasoned game designer and producer with experience in the industry spanning over four decades now. My passion for games started in the 1970s playing D&D and hanging out in arcades as well as writing my own games in the 80s. I turned my hobby into a successful career in the 1990s, designing and producing several commercially successful games. But, I achieved this without any qualifications after having missed a large proportion of school due to health issues.

My love for games stems from their positive impact on my life, and I took a break from the industry to delve deeper into this subject. In 2006, I earned a BSc with honours in Psychology, with a focus on the positive role games can play in children’s mental health.

I’ve enjoyed a very successful career in the games industry despite not following a conventional path and I see a lot of kids today just like I was back in the 80s and 90s: lost, struggling and just not feeling like they fit in. That was me. But here I am now, with a passion to pass on everything I’ve learned; proof that it’s ok to be different, in fact, it’s cool to be different. Because it’s those that think differently that will be shaping and building the world of tomorrow.

I’ve now come to specialise in mentoring and tutoring in computer science and game design, from the basics to advanced levels, academically and for fun. I help students build their portfolios and develop games that stand out in the competitive games industry. To that end, I’ve developed a bespoke 2D game engine that helps students unleash their creativity and unlock their game design potential – and gives them a deeper understanding of the commercial game engines they may come across.

I’m also passionate about creating a low demand nurturing environment for students to explore their ideas without fear of failure, building their confidence and ultimately helping them excel. I’m fully DBS checked and have extensive experience working with children with ASD, PDA, ADHD, anxiety and trauma.

When I’m not designing games or mentoring students, you can find me pursuing my other passions from playing guitar, acting on stage, making films, to flying planes overhead. I’m also motivated by big challenges, whether it’s cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End (twice) or by running across the Sahara Desert competing in the Marathon Des Sables.

Favourite Games

JetPac, Uridium, Elite, Doom, Quake (1,2 and Quake 3 Arena), Every single Zelda game, Every single Mario game, Every single Blizzard game, Minecraft and No Man’s Sky.


Making games, board games, flying, narrowboats, playing guitar badly, reading and writing sci-fi, itchy nomadic feet, acting and making films.

My Pets

A dog called Flower.

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