Crystal Monk

Crystal Monk


Hello! My name is Crystal Monk. I am a graduate of Texas State University and I have a Bachelor of Science Degree specializing in EC- 6th grade with an ESL certification. I love working with people of all ages, have a passion for helping young minds, and have a love for video games.
I am a very enthusiastic, outgoing, and motivated individual who has a natural desire to help
children and people. I have experience teaching in an inclusive second-grade classroom and have provided guidance, strategies and support to students who are Neurodivergent and have IEPs. I have also worked with students in pull-out programs and am trained in Autism, ADHD, PDA and other Special Educational Needs. I fully understand and have experienced how young people can struggle within a classroom environment and appreciate the importance of having trusted adults and safe spaces to enable young people to develop and progress.

My enthusiasm for working with children and helping them to gain experiences and knowledge
began when I was young; at the age of 9, I started taking TaeKwonDo lessons and fell in love with it. I started teaching TaeKwonDo at the age of 15 to people of all ages and got my 1st-degree black belt at the age of 17. During my time working with Young People, I have seen that every child is different and therefore needs a different approach when it comes to encouraging them. I believe in the power of positive reinforcement when building confidence in people and that words of affirmation can be key when supporting young people. I want to make sure every child has a voice and feels heard and accounted for. I myself am a huge mental health advocate and believe it should be talked about more. I am no stranger to mental health and feel the best thing I can do for a child who experiences anything like this is to help them understand they are not alone!

I grew up playing video games with my older brother and as the younger sibling, I always wanted to be just like him. This is where I found my love for video games. As an adult now I use video games to unwind and relax after a long day. I am always up to try and learn new games. I love thinking outside the box and stepping out of my comfort zone for some challenges!
I’m fully safety checked and trained in understanding Anxiety and Stress in children and young people, Data Protection and Online safety.

Favourite Games

Animal Crossing, Assassins Creed, Smash Bros, Mario kart, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Pokémon legends: Arceus, It takes two, Spyro, Super Mario Bros, puzzle solving games, Adventure games.


Taekwondo, Cats (specifically my cat Freddy), Running, Comedy, Earth Science, Nutrition, TikTok, trying new things.

My Pets

A Cat called Freddy.

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