Cory Partridge

Cory Partridge



I’m Cory, and I am a writer, teacher, and traveller!

I grew up with undiagnosed ADHD, and spent my school years struggling to figure out what was right for me, and why it was so much harder for me to keep up with my peers. I found a lot of comfort in writing, books, video games, and photography, and my special interest: Languages. I became obsessed with learning Spanish, and went on to study Spanish and Philosophy at university, moving out to Spain in 2019, where I currently live.

Due to this experience I have always looked for roles in which I can help other neurodivergent kids realise their potential: in my role as an ESL teacher and mentor in Spain, as well as in my personal life and studies. In my Master’s Degree, I focussed on the link between neurodivergence and the trans/non-binary experience, interviewing trans/non-binary people with autism about their own lives, struggles, and goals.

As a neurodivergent kid I was terrified of the future: I didn’t see a way that someone with a brain like mine could ever fit into the adult world of working. I was convinced I would never amount to anything, but thanks to the mentorship of teachers, family, and friends, I was encouraged to develop the skills I was interested in (even though they weren’t skills that lead obviously into a career) and now I live the life of my dreams; travelling, working with neurodivergent young people, and having enough time for my hobbies.

I am delighted to work with MindJam, to be a mentor to other young people who struggled as I did, and help them realise the talent they have that may have been overlooked by the traditional education system. I am especially interested in Video Games (of course!), but also art, digital art, writing, and storytelling.

I am DBS checked and up-to-date with training in safeguarding, online education safeguarding, data protection, child mental health awareness, Autism, and ADHD amongst other relevant training.


Favourite Games

Minecraft, Baldur’s Gate, The Sims, and Zelda. 



Art (especially painting and digital art), reading (sci-fi, fantasy), and music.

My Pets

A Dog called Flash

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