Ash Burton

Ash Burton


Hi! My name is Ash (pronouns: they/them).

I have been a healthcare professional working in various support roles since 2017, initially working with elders, those living with dementia, and those being treated by End of Life services. In 2020 I moved into complex care services, working with young adults living with both profound mental and physical disabilities. From here I moved into mental health services with young people in 2022 which I have found to be the most rewarding journey in my professional career so far. Here I have worked with many young adults with a wide range of health conditions and life experiences and have met some truly inspiring people.

Having built up several years of experience as a support worker in various fields I feel my areas of expertise are working alongside autistic and neurodiverse individuals; young people currently going through or in recovery from substance abuse; or those under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. As a neurodiverse openly LGBTQ+ individual myself, I know what it is like to grow up feeling isolated and to have experienced hate crimes. I hope to use my lived experiences to positively impact the lives of those I support.

In my personal life, I am a life-long professional wrestling fan with an extensive knowledge of all things WWE, AEW and other independent promotions. I have a passion for music and play guitar, bass, and in more recent years have found interest in DJing and music production through DAWs such as Ableton Live. Other interests include arts and crafts such as crochet and textile art, film and studying film history. As a young person I also greatly enjoyed skateboarding but still avidly watch the sport as an adult.

I am fully DBS checked, have years of training and experience in many areas such as safeguarding, GDPR, self-harm and suicide prevention, etc.


Favourite Games

Hitman series, Dark Souls, skateboarding games (Tony Hawks, Skate), metroidvanias, puzzle games, Baldurs Gate 3, Minecraft (creative)



Playing guitar and bass guitar, music production, DJing, Arts and Crafts

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