Angel Cabauatan

Angel Cabauatan


As someone who used to struggle with mental health in my younger years, my goal since then has been to make others feel safe, loved and most of all, comfortable! I have been blessed to have worked with many children and do my best to let them know that their voice is being heard, as well as understood.

My educational background in Psychology begun with an Undergraduate degree, and a dissertation on the potential impact of gaming on mood! After my studies, I was able to work under a mental health charity based in Oxfordshire, as a Children and Young Person’s Mental Health Foundation Worker. This role allowed me to develop links between play therapy as I used to visit schools to carry out wellbeing groups and workshops to raise awareness for mental health, or to work with children using evidence based activities! 

I also have experience working in SEND environments as soon after my previous post, I became a Mental Health Assistant for two different SEND schools. This experience was very eye-opening and key in order for me to develop my understanding of what I can personally offer to support children with Special Educational Needs as well as physical disabilities, and/or mental illness. It was a very rewarding experience as I believe that every child is more than deserving of a chance to express themselves or access to support that works for them.

Gaming has been my safe place for many years! It not only provides entertainment, but is such an amazing way to promote creativity, social interaction and so many other transferable skills! It has encouraged me to break outside of my shell and pursue a career at MindJam that ties my two passions together. 

Favourite Games

Valorant, League of Legends, Elden Ring, Stardew Valley, Palia, Roblox and Kingdom Hearts


Squishmallows, Anything Pink, Reading, Anime, Manga, Art (Digital and Traditional), Building Keyboards, K-pop, Disney, Sanrio and Make-up.

My Pets

A 13 year old terrapin turtle called Michael Angelo!

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