Amber Scott

Amber Scott


I am an enthusiastic, motivated and empathetic individual who has worked in various settings with children with SEN including a focus on ASD and PDA specifically.
I have a degree in Childhood Studies and Health in a Contemporary society and I have worked in SEN schools and mainstream schools in a 1:1 capacity.

My interest in SEN comes from growing up with my younger brother who is autistic and seeing the struggles and barriers he and our parents faced because people refused to understand him. I think this is where my drive in advocating for autistic young people and their families comes from. I believe every individual has the right to be understood and be treated with compassion and empathy. I am dyspraxic myself so have experience with managing that as well as a personal understanding of depression, anxiety and agoraphobia. I know how isolating these things can feel so I will always do my best to support someone going through mental illness, and I like to think my own experiences can be used to understand those going through similar struggles better.

I am neurodivergent myself and am acutely aware of how this can make socialising difficult, gaming has always been an outlet for me and I think it is a valuable tool in communication. Gaming can also be a wonderful way for people to explore boundaries and unfamiliar environments in a safe and consistent way.

Gaming has always been an escape for me. Whether it was exploring ruins in hyrule. Defending the Lylat system with Starfox or just tending to my flowers in Animal Crossing. I believe in these moments of comfort sometimes, things which are hard to say, feel easier.

Favourite Games

Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom, Animal Crossing, Dead by Daylight, Stardew Valley, Potioncraft, Valheim, Minecraft, Terraria


Gaming, Neopets, Painting, Music, Crystals, Playing Guitar, Pyrography.

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