Alex Collins

Alex Collins


I am a Film student in Cardiff. Prior to starting university, I worked as a support mentor for students with ADHD and autism within a further education college, where I also completed my NCFE Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

As someone with both ADHD and autism who struggled academically during school, I aim to use my experience to help neurodivergent young people overcome the difficulties of trying to navigate a world not always built to accommodate our needs.

I have a passion for storytelling which manifests in writing, either scripts for potential short-films/TV shows, or backstories for my various Dungeons and Dragons characters and worlds. Dungeons and Dragons is my favourite hobby because it allows me to satisfy my urge to create and tell stories. Finding my own creative voice led to me developing a newfound confidence in myself and aim to help the young people I work with reach that same level of confidence by developing their own passions.

Outside of Film, TV, and D&D – my other great love is gaming. My love of video games began when I was just 4 years old, when my parents bought me a copy of Pokémon FireRed for the Gameboy Advance. Video games have always given me a way of connecting with my peers, finding friends, community, and gain the confidence to be myself. Now I want to help others like me to overcome their own difficulties and unlock their true potential through this wonderful hobby we all share.

Favourite Games

Baldur’s Gate 3, Content Warning, Crusader Kings 3, FTL: Faster Than Light, Helldivers 2, Lethal Company, Minecraft, Overwatch, Sea of Thieves, The Witcher 3, and Any Mainline Pokémon Game.




Dungeons and Dragons, Pokémon (Games), Filmmaking, Cosplay, Doctor Who, Star Wars.

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