Aleesha Wood

Aleesha Wood



Hi I’m Aleesha, I’m a mum who likes to game and craft 🙂
I’m looking forward to diving in with MindJam and building a fun, safe environment for gaming and connecting with the mentees.

I have a history with mental health and trauma of my own and I want to use what I’ve learned to help others on their own journey in life. Being neurodivergent myself I am aware of how it can make socialising difficult and how the pressures of day to day life can become overwhelming. I have found gaming and socialising together a great way to make people feel better and help to overcome these anxieties.

From home I love making and creating spooky/alt homeware accessories and jewellery. This has helped me develop my focus /drive and ambition and I’ve also found it to be an excellent form of therapy. During this journey I’ve learnt so many new skills from using machinery like 3d printers and laser cutters to software such as illustrator, as well as learned to manage a business and online presence.

My interest in SEN comes from already having Autism in the family and I’m also going through the motions of getting a diagnosis for my own child. It’s a challenging venture and I’m eager to learn all I can as I feel every child should get the support specific to their needs to allow them to grow and flourish.

I’ve been gaming from a young age. I started on the sega megadrive playing old school sonic and street fighter with my sister. Later I progressed onto other things such as The Sims on the PC and handheld consoles. Now I play largely on playstation. It’s always been a fun way to escape and forget about real world troubles.

Recently, I’ve been encouraging and playing alot with my little one and she loves it, especially after school so we can unwind from a busy day and have some fun together.


Favourite Games

Fortnite (zero build), Fortnite mainstage, Don’t starve, Call of duty, Roblox, Tomb Raider, Civilization, Crash bandicoot, Borderlands, Spyro , Mario Kart, Sonic


Arts and Crafts / Music / Halloween / Nightmare Before Christmas / Tattoos / Gaming

My Pets

Boba aka Boba fett the food hunter. 

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