Adam Hillman

Adam Hillman


I worked within the gaming industry for 6 years for a AAA company on BAFTA award-winning games. Previous to this I acquired a BSC in Early Childhood Studies at university, during which time I was fortunate to focus my studies towards provision for children with any level of ability. I have seen firsthand the benefits that gaming can provide not only emotionally and socially as a means for communication and meeting with friends, but also as a very achievable career path, one that will only grow with importance with the ever-increasing digital world.  

I believe education to be extremely important but also believe that accessibility to it should be taken equally seriously. In the areas where some establishments may find it difficult to engage or provide adequately, activity within a digital setting can easily bridge these gaps, provide a safe, nurturing and fun environment in which to learn and simultaneously enjoy the process of doing so. Gaming and digital media in its many forms is a powerful tool, making it accessible and combining it with education provides us all with a truly mind blowing range of opportunities. The limitless creative possibilities mean there is truly something for everyone regardless of age, ability or understanding. 

It is a pleasure to work with MindJam in this unique opportunity to align both my passion for gaming and education, providing a much-needed service that can truly enhance the learning experience.

Favourite Games

Xcom, Valheim, Guild Wars 2, Metal Gear Solid, Bioshock, Dark Souls 1 and 3, Oblivion, Minecraft, Age of Empires



Science, Nature, Camping, Wood Carving, Walking, Space, Geology, Archeology, Bonsai

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