Set off on an auditory gaming adventure with the inaugural episode of Jamcast! Meet the diverse, entertaining hosts – Callum, Josh, and Adam – as they delve into the Viking-themed indie game, Valheim. Explore not just the captivating world of gaming, but also their individual journeys, passions, and contributions to the MindJam team.

Throughout the episode, engage in casual gaming discussions, gain insights into the hosts’ recent gaming experiences, share laughs over gaming fails, and join the conversation on mental wellbeing. Root for our team as they elevate their gaming experience with blindfolded and sock-handed plays, and suggest the games you think we should tackle next!

From console debates to humorous game playthroughs and touching personal stories, our hosts touch on all aspects of gaming culture. Follow along as they build huts, cook meals, and survive the hostile world of Valheim – with a good dose of humor and chaos.

Lastly, join us as we discuss how our work at MindJam, mentoring young people in digital skill development, reflects in our passion for gaming. Gain a well-rounded perspective on gaming as not only a form of entertainment, but a tool for promoting mental agility and enriching social interactions.

Tune in now, and let’s embark on this entertaining and enlightening journey together!