Danny Coskeran

Danny Coskeran


I have over 6 years of experience in support and care work working in a variety of sectors such as mental health, SEN, elderly, Dementia and Homelessness. This work from a young age has given me good perspective and insight into the world of ASD, PDA, OCD, ADHD and much more. I particularly enjoyed my work in supported living environments as I was able to provide support in the form of activities, gaming and general exercise. This makes me realise the importance of the work that MindJam does and how gaming can be a powerful tool to connect, especially when communication is difficult.

I graduated from the University of Lincoln with a BSC in Psychology in 2021 and decided to change my path completely and opened a men’s jewellery company during my third year. The past year I have been working full time on the business. This keeps me very busy as I sell through a variety of events all over the UK from craft fairs, festivals, raves and markets.

Outside of my work life I am a very active individual. If I’m not working I’m being active. I like running, cycling, gym, swimming, hiking and travelling. I am currently training for a Charity Mixed Martial Arts fight at the end of this year for Cancer Research.

My Passion for gaming came from my school days where I struggled with communication, gaming was a different way of socialising and communicating. This developed my social skills massively into the extreme extrovert I am today. I always enjoyed my first person shooters such as Call of duty and Rainbow Six Siege. I enjoy a challenging game that makes me work hard and is competitive so I’ve always found myself gravitating towards Fortnite. I am open to all types of games and I adapt quickly to new games.

I am fully DBS checked, have full up-to date safeguarding, safeguarding for online education, and data protection training and have also received training in PDA, ASD, ADHD.



Favourite Games

Call of Duty, FIFA, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft.


MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Business, Meditation, Languages (Spanish), Gym, Running, Chess, Hiking, Travelling. 

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